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Bosch Industry Consulting

From lean management to Industry 4.0

Bosch Industry Consulting offers you advice and support during your Industry 4.0 journey. Benefit from our position as a leading provider and leading user of Industry 4.0 and our best practices from 240 factories worldwide. Our comprehensive expertise in lean management and digital transformation will help you get the most out of your processes: higher efficiency through lean manufacturing; more efficient lean manufacturing through digitalization.

240 connected plants worldwide

150,000+ connected devices

5,000+ Experts

Best practices

Learn from our best practices as leading user and provider of Industry 4.0

Bosch recognized the relevance and potential of Industry 4.0 at a very early stage and was able to accumulate a wealth of experience in internal and external projects – which we now want to share with our customers.

Connected processes

Connected processes with hands-on expertise

Bosch Industry Consulting is dedicated to accompanying customers on the path to connected production and logistics. We staff our consulting teams project-specifically considering your individual needs and use cases. With more than 5,000 experts, we offer strong specialization and operational excellence in many functions and domains.

240 Plants

240 connected plants worldwide

You can rely on our experience: all digital processes and Industry 4.0 solutions are tested and validated in our 240 connected Bosch plants worldwide before we offer them on the external market. As leading manufacturing company, we know exactly what it takes to digitalize and optimize your processes. Benefit from our extensive knowledge in truly efficient digital value streams.

Broad portfolio of industrial expertise

Broad portfolio of industrial expertise

We bring thorough domain competence to your projects thanks to the experience in diverse business divisions – from automotive to industrial technology to consumer products . Our Industry 4.0 use case portfolio covers a broad spectrum of manufacturing scenarios, from large-scale mass production for the automotive industry to multi-variant assembly in smallest quantities.

One-Stop Shop

Your one-stop-shop for Industry 4.0

Profit from the Bosch one-stop-shop system for Industry 4.0: digital value stream consulting combined with direct access to the NEXEED portfolio from Bosch Connected Industry. Whether you want to define your ideal use case, require training, or need support with technology implementation – we are the flexible partner for your digitalization journey.

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Martin Richter
Head of Bosch Industry Consulting