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From lean management to Industry 4.0

Bosch Industry Consulting accompanies you through the digital transformation of your production and logistics. We offer you advice and support for automation and digitization from a single source. We help you to connect your processes and to make them more efficient. You will benefit from our position as a leading provider and leading user of Industry 4.0, and our comprehensive expertise in lean management and digital transformation consulting. Higher efficiency through lean manufacturing. More efficient lean manufacturing through Industry 4.0.

We offer logistics consulting and value stream analysis

We digitize your production and logistics

Bosch Industry Consulting is your partner for the connected value stream. We ensure that your processes are leaner, and your production is more efficient. To do so, we not only make suggestions, but also work with you to develop concrete solutions – which we then help to implement by drawing on Bosch’s wealth of experience as both a leading user and leading provider of Industry 4.0.

You will receive a practice-oriented consulting service with substantial experience in various sectors, which has just one goal: your optimum Industry 4.0 strategy. Independence and objectivity are our top priorities. Just as we at Bosch rely on a mix of in-house products and third-party solutions, we will find the option that suits you best.

Digital Transformation Consulting Team at round table

From lean management to Industry 4.0

Bosch Industry Consulting will accompany you through the digital transformation of your production and logistics. We are convinced that Industry 4.0 starts with lean management. Accordingly, we consider holistic process optimization as the basis for a successful connectivity.

We come in with our lean consulting at any point you need us. Whether you plan to connect a single manufacturing line or transform an entire factory – you can count on the experience and expertise from Bosch facilities around the globe. And you can be sure to receive precisely the type of consulting, support and solutions you need to digitize your production and logistics.

Our consulting approach for the Smart Factory

Bosch Industry Consulting has more to offer than the vision of the connected factory. We bring real-world experience and Industry 4.0 best practices straight to your plant. From defining the initial strategic orientation to planning and implementing the right solutions: we are there to support you on the road to your smart factory.

Consulting Approach from vision to the implementation on the shopfloor

Our Industry 4.0 consulting competency

The consulting offer of Bosch Industry Consulting is suited for suppliers to manufacturers, and from medium-sized enterprises to corporations. We currently specialize in those sectors that we know best from our own work: mechanical engineering, as well as the automotive industry and the packaging industry. Of course, we are also happy to offer our consulting services for Industry 4.0 projects to companies from other sectors.

Technology evaluation

We examine in detail, which innovative and cutting-edge technologies suit your production and logistics best.

Value stream optimization

Lean management is the basis for Industry 4.0. We make sure that you have the process maturity on the shopfloor to implement Industry 4.0 projects without complications.

Development of technical Industry 4.0 concepts

To realize your use cases, we develop customized concepts to implement Industry 4.0 solutions on your shopfloor.

Individual Industry 4.0 strategy

We analyze your initial situation and develop an Industry 4.0 roadmap together with you – so that you can digitize processes efficiently and increase competitiveness.

Industry 4.0 use case definition and evaluation

We identify improvement potentials and analyze processes along your value stream to find out where concrete Industry 4.0 actions can be implemented.

Feasibility studies

We conduct a detailed analysis regarding benefits and efforts for your specific Industry 4.0 use cases and derive an ROI as decision-making basis.

Our expert pool

Benefit from our extensive pool of experts! It consists of both experienced Industry 4.0 consultants and experts from a diverse range of areas, who we call on depending on the specific project and focus. All our experts have one thing in common: solid technological expertise and processing skills, gathered in operational practice.

Supply chain consultant looks over warehouse

Thorsten Schott

Consultant, Bosch Industry Consulting

My aim is to provide a highly efficient and connected value stream to our customers.

Chief duties: Specialist in RFID, logistics 4.0, supply chain consulting and supply chain optimization
Focus areas: definition and design of value streams; identification of Industry 4.0 use cases according to customer needs; development of concrete optimization concepts
Passionate about: designing smart and efficient processes; advancing process optimizations; long-term optimization of the entire value stream; simplifying operations and processes

Supply chain consultant is standing in front of pallets

Cathy Rupp

Consultant, Bosch Industry Consulting

What drives me is to be part of a pioneer team and shape the implementation of Industry 4.0 in diverse corporate contexts.

Chief duties: logistics and intralogistics 4.0; supply chain optimization; process optimization; Industry 4.0 guided tours
Focus areas: Industry 4.0 strategy development; value stream assessment and identification of Industry 4.0 use cases; development of Industry 4.0 concepts
Passionate about: operational excellence; digitization; lean manufacturing; data analytics; interdisciplinary teamwork; customer-oriented consulting

Digital Transformation expert in production

Matthias Hellwig

Consultant, Bosch Industry Consulting

I am passionate about a practice-oriented consulting that really adds value to the customer.

Chief duties: lean management; Industry 4.0 vision and strategy; use case specification and evaluation; series production; cross-industry expertise
Focus areas: complete value stream analysis and evaluation; process optimization; project management over different functional areas
Passionate about: consulting with a concrete customer benefit; sustainable solutions; long-term project partnerships; practical benefit thanks to solution-oriented consulting

i4.0 Guided Tours – Industry 4.0 in practice

Join us for a tour of one of our Bosch sites and experience Industry 4.0 first-hand. During the tour, we will be happy to provide you with information on our in-house solutions. But above all, we will show you how you can successfully digitize your own production and logistics processes. We look forward to showing you one of our five selected Bosch plants in Blaichach, Homburg, Nürnberg, Reutlingen and Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

  • Overview over Bosch plant Homburg
  • Overview over Bosch plant Feuerbach
  • Overview over Bosch Plant Nürnberg
  • Overview over the Bosch plant Blaichach
  • Overview over the Bosch plant Reutlingen
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